High Voltage Power Supply Modules

Two major types of modules offered under this category include High Voltage Capacitor Charging Modules and High Voltage, High Current Triggered Switches. We offer customized development as per users’ specifications of a wide range of high voltage power supply modules, which include High Voltage Capacitor Charging Power Modules with user specified input voltage range, output voltage, peak charging current or charging time for a given capacitor and so on. We offer both triggered solid state switches as well as triggered spark gap based switches for a range of operating voltage, peak discharge current, switched energy and response time specifications.

Capacitor Charging Power Supply

Tek Xplore offers a range of compact, capacitor charging power Supply (CCPS) designed for use from AC or DC source for both flash pumped solid state laser and low impedance loads such as Bridge Wires. CCPS for laser applications are designed to efficiently charge capacitive loads to high voltages with excellent pulse-to-pulse repeatability at very high repetition rates.

CCPS for low impedance loads are available for a range of output voltage and current specifications to achieve desired values of stored energy and charging time. Available with a variety of output power levels, these modules are ideal for OEM applications featuring high frequency switching techniques to combine a power factor corrected and resonant converter in a compact unit.

  • Capacitor Charging Power Supplies for Flash Pumped Solid State Lasers

    • High efficiency (>85%)
    • Output Voltage
    • :
    • Up to 2000 VDC
    • Energy Delivery Rate
    • :
    • Up to 500 J/s
    • Pulse Repetition Rate
    • :
    • Up to 50 PPS
    • Excellent pulse-to-pulse repeatability
    • Compact size and low weight
    • Nd : YAG and Er : YAG Lasers
    • Capacitor charging circuits
    • Intense pulsed light systems

  • Capacitor Charging Power Supply Modules for Low Impedance Loads

    The company offers miniature High Voltage Modules that produce regulated output voltage of the order of few tens of kilovolts for a wide input voltage range. Salient features include internal charging resistance and high output voltage stability. The modules have high peak pulsed current rating that allows faster charging. High output voltage is available through high voltage coaxial connector. These modules are ideally suited to energy storage charge/discharge applications where the stored energy is discharged through low impedance loads.

    • 10 kV Output voltage Module
    • 15 kV Output voltage Module
    • 25 kV Output voltage Module

    The modules can also be designed as per the user requirements.

We also offer both fixed and variable pulse energy pulse discharge units. these can be customised as per user defined pulse discharge parameters

  • High Voltage Triggered Switches

    TTL/CMOS Triggered High Voltage Switches

    Triggered spark gap switches are used in many applications, including medicine, military and lasers. These switches require high voltage trigger pulses of the order of 10 to 15 kilo-volts for switch-on. The company offers a replacement for these spark gap switches and has developed hybrid switches using spark gap switching element and high speed solid state switching circuit at the input. These switches can be triggered from TTL/CMOS pulses. These switches are particularly designed for switching energy stored in a capacitor to low impedance loads.

    The company offers three models of switches

    • Peak Switching Voltage / Switching Current of 6kV/16kA
    • Peak Switching Voltage / Switching Current of 12kV/16kA
    • Peak Switching Voltage / Switching Current of 25kV/25kA
    • Peak Switching Voltage / Switching Current of 35kV/40kA

    "We also offer customised High voltage High Current Solid State switches with self-breakdown voltage of up to 5 kV and peak switching current up to 50 kA"