Customised Laser Modules

We offer a wide range of customised laser modules and a variety of sensor systems including interferometric and spectrometric sensor systems for applications in Detonics and Homeland Security.

Electro-Optic Sources and Sensors

Under this category, we offer customized solutions for a wide range of Continuous Wave (CW) and Pulsed solid state and semiconductor diode laser modules primarily at 532 nm, 905 nm, 1060 – 1070 nm and 1540 – 1550 nm wavelengths. Wavelengths in the UV region can also be explored if required by user. These laser modules can be customized as per user specified CW or pulsed output power levels, pulse repetition frequencies (PRF), pulse widths, spot size at exit, transverse mode structure and beam divergence parameters. The modules can also be customized to provide a collimated output of the required spot diameter.

Proximity Sensor
Electro Optic Sensors
  • Laser-based Spectroscopic Sensors for Special Applications
  • Interferometric Sensors for Special Applications
  • Laser Proximity Sensors

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Electro Optic Sources
  • Programmable Pulse Repetition Frequency (PRF) Pulsed Solid State Laser Sources

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